Monbulk Aquatic Centre


Our facility was damaged in the recent storms that affected our area, we will be closed until further notice. We are working to open areas of our facility in the coming weeks. Members will be updated via email or follow us on social media to stay connected. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Request A Call Back

Our Centre is currently closed, if you need to get in touch with our team please request a call back by clicking below. Our friendly staff will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Stay home and stay safe.

Welcome to Monbulk Aquatic Centre

Monbulk Aquatic Centre is the premier gym and indoor swimming pool in Monbulk and surrounding areas; servicing Belgrave, Belgrave South, Emerald, Menzies Creek, Selby, Tecoma, Kallista and Olinda.

Our modern facility is staffed by a team of exercise, aquatics and customer service professionals committed to being at your service.

Owned by the Yarra Ranges Council and proudly managed by Belgravia Leisure, Monbulk Aquatic Centre boasts programs and services for the entire community and has served the Monbulk Community for over 40 years.


Operating Hours

Centre Hours
Monday to Friday 6am till 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am till 6pm



MAC's Virtual Classes are a great way to get those extra classes in without leaving your home. The workouts are varied and the instructor coaching and support is top level. 

A few points to note:
* You need to go onto Facebook and search for MAC Virtual Fitness Classes and request to join.  Sarah will approve your request (provided you are a current Full Access member of MAC). Then you will receive the details and password the evening before each class.
If you do not use Facebook, email and the login details will be emailed to you.

  • You need to have downloaded and set up Zoom. This is free and easy to do but needs to be done in advance so you are ready for the class.
  • Your camera is on so your Instructor can see how you are going, correct any technique problems for your benefit and to motivate you.  However your screen will show the Instructor as the main picture and the members in tiny little squares.  The only person that can really see you clearly is your Instructor so don't be shy. Mics are muted so you only hear the Instructor so you can puff and pant as loudly as you want!
  • This is a fantastic way to stay on top of your fitness goals when life prevents you from getting to the gym.

Add it to your routine today!!

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Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Fitness classes are full of fun, music and motivation to help you to get into a fantastic routine that will help you to reach your health and wellness goals. We try to keep all of our classes interesting and fun, our staff are well trained and there to guide you through all you need to know.  Our instructors and members are very welcomng and love having new members join in. Once you open yourself up to the world of Group Fitness, you will never look back!

Bookings are no longer required for our Group Fitness classes, however we will still keep the booking system in place for Pilates 10.15am 11.15am sessions, for the comfort of our members.  The Pilates classes will be capped at 14 for the 10.15am and 18 for the 11.15am. These caps are in place for the comfort of our members.  All other Land based classes will still operate within COVID restrictions and if we begin to reach these limits, we will implement the bookings again.

Aqua Classes

Our Aqua Fit,  Aqua Pilates & Aqua Zumba classes are a fantastic way for those that love combining their exercise with water! All ages and levels are welcome in these classes.   During the Aqua classes you will use your body weight, a noodle and dumbells to get the best workout, using resistance from the water to really make you work hard. The Aqua Pilates will also teach you how to engage and strengthen your core.

The Aqua classes are currently capped at 26 during the day and 20 in the evenings  Bookings are essential to secure your spot in the daytime Aqua classes only.    


We are proud to offer GOswim swimming lessons that are powered by Swimming Australia these swim lessons are a new, fun way to learn to swim and be safe in and around the water. GOswim focuses on contemporary, experiential and activity-based learning.

GOswim for Babies & Toddlers

Help your child become comfortable and confident in and around the water by enrolling into our Infants or Preschool GOswim program at Monbulk Aquatic Centre.

Lessons are designed for babies 6 months to 3 years, catering for infant, toddler and preschool participants attending with their parents/guardians or appropriate adult carers.

Health Club

With our big doors to the forest open, the gym is airy and spacious, with hand sanitisers and wipes conveniently placed throughout.

Machines and equipment have been spaced to allow for social distancing. A large barrier towel is required for when you lie/sit on equipment and a smaller sweat towel is a must.  We do ask that you also wipe down equipment before and after use.  Please also bring your filled water bottle.
Please book at reception if you would like to have your existing progam altered or a new program written. Call the Centre on 9756 8000


Please contact the centre to make your creche booking and purchase credit passes. If you are attending a group fitness class that requires you to book, please contact the centre when you have booked your class online and they can then book your creche session.  Please let them know which class you are booked into so they can make note of it in the creche booking.  If you can't make the class on that day, please cancel your class booking via your confirmation email and contact the centre to cancel your creche booking.  We hope this makes it easier for those planning their weekly Group Fitness classes. To Book in to our creche please call the centre on 9756 8000.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Please note the following guidelines so you can have an enjoyable time at the Monbulk Aquatic Centre:

  • All patrons must either sign in or use the QR code when entering the facility. The new Government app and QR code is really simple and your details are saved for quicker use. Download the app before your next visit.

  • ​No Towel = No Train. For Gym and Group Fitness classes, you must bring a towel to lie/sit on and a sweat towel.            

  • We are still not able to turn on the water bubblers, so bring your water bottle full

  • Please continue to use hand sanitiser and wipe equipment down before and after use


Fitness Facilities

We strive to provide a diverse and affordable range of quality health and fitness programs to all members of our community in a safe, friendly and fun environment.


17 Jun 21

Men's Health Week

This week is used to highlight the issues surrounding the status of means health. This is important to highlight as the health status of males is typically poorer than that of females. There is a sigma surrounding men's health which leads to men being less likely than women to seek out mental health services, despite the rate of mental health disorders being similar. 

07 Jun 21

Take charge of your overall wellness

A person's wellness is made up of much more than just physical health, exercise or nutrition. It encompasses multiple aspects of everyday life including physical, mental, and personal well-being. To achieve overall wellness a person must actively make choices that lead toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Find out more! 

31 May 21

Keep Active this Winter

It is a known fact that when winter comes around and the temperature starts to drop, so does the motivation to get out and be active. Plenty of excuses start to circle around in your mind as to why you should just stay in bed for that little bit longer. Well, we are here to tell you why it's important to keep your activity levels up during winter, and to provide you with some great tips on how to make it easier for yourself!

24 May 21

Exercise Right

It is no hidden secret that regular exercise plays an important role in one's physical and mental health. However, for a lot of people exercise is the first thing to go when their schedule starts to get busy or when they become stressed. Despite the excuses, living an active lifestyle has many benefits to offer.

Swim Facilities

Whether it's the height of Summer or the depths of Winter, our aquatic facilities offer year round fitness and relaxation in and around the water.


Health Club

Monbulk Aquatic centre boasts a fully equipped gym with Personal Trainers on hand to guide you. We have an extensive Group Fitness Timetable including both Land and Aqua classes. All members receive guidance when they join, with consultations and a personalised program. Personal Training sessions are also available for our members


We offer a range of various programs within our centre including: Birthday parties, Creche, Cafe, Swimming Squad We also hold events throughout the year for our members enjoyment!

Swim School

A fun, new way to learn how to swim and be safe. We have partnered with Swimming Australia to deliver students a new and effective swimming and water safety program focusing on contemporary experiential and activity-based learning, encouraging and supporting students to explore pathways into competitive and recreational lap swimming.

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